About us

With a motive of providing news, news analysis and other related programs to the viewers of Assam and North-East’s states, we the team of “NEWS TODAY (N/E)” – http://newstodayne.com launching a channel in the platform of social media, so that every person of North-East region can get aware and keep in touch with the daily news updates of this region. With the responsibility of providing news comprising political, economical, business, crime, sports and entertainment etc. With no bar and discrimination, we are also bond to promote Assamese language, literature, culture and tradition at a high level.
We will try to provide all kind of news updates and analysis related to the people of north-east and Assam (24×7). We will provide news bulletin in basically three language i.e, in Assamese , Hindi and English.


Our Vision is to be broadly recognized excellence in social media

Our Team

Gobinda Bora

Chief Managing Director/Proprietor

Sanjay Tumung

Managing Director

Pradip Borah

Editor In Chief

Pradip Das

Public Relation Officer

Sanjib Hazarika

Public Relation Officer

Mrinal Manab Das

Public Relation Officer

Mintu Bezbaruah

Legal Advisor